The Adolescent Substance Abuse Program

  NOTE:  The ASAP Program is now held online

The Adolescent Substance Abuse Program (commonly known as "ASAP") has proudly proven itself Arizona's finest outpatient counseling program for young people ages 12-18 involved with drugs and alcohol since 1991. 

ASAP is a 10-week Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) designed specifically for the treatment of substance use disorders in youth ages 12-18.  Group therapy is the primary treatment modality  -- group therapy has long proven the most effective technique with teen substance use.  At ASAP the teens attend group therapy three nights per week for 10 weeks, for a total of 30 group therapy sessions, and their parents also get help when they attend one of those sessions each week with their teen, at Parent Night.  Urine drug testing is utilized as a critical tool to verify that teens are no longer using addictive substances. 


In 2020 ASAP will proudly celebrate its 30th year.  All ASAP programming is based on evidence-based, "best practices" interventions.  Designed by three Phoenix-area psychologists, Dr. Phil Lett, Dr. Mark Rohde and Dr. Curtis Walling, the ASAP IOP Program pursues the "real-world" changes in home, family, peer, and school environments that yield lasting sobriety and a vastly improved quality of life for the entire family.  The goal of the ASAP IOP Program is to help teens and families re-establish a sober, safe, and mutually supportive relationship.  At ASAP we are proud of our long history of treatment success -- we invite the reader to click on the "Free Resources" page to view more than 100 powerful testimonials hand-written by former ASAP parents and teens.

In the ASAP program active participation is required of both adolescents and their parents.  Treatment includes comprehensive admission evaluation, drug education, coping skills training, emotional processing, group therapy, multifamily therapy, and urine drug testing.  An eclectic treatment model and an eclectic staff are utilized to approach adolescents from many diverse angles.  The ASAP Handbook and FAQ's orient adolescents and their parents to the ASAP program.  The ASAP Curriculum is utilized as an effective teaching tool at all sites, and the ASAP Teen and Parent Homework handouts are utilized for growth-oriented homework assignments.  Parents are taught techniques for urine drug testing at home that can serve as the best deterrent of ongoing drug use.  Outcome studies and satisfaction surveys are conducted to measure treatment success and provide the feedback necessary for continuous quality improvement.  All ASAP treatment is evidence-based and follows "best practices".  No smoking is ever allowed at ASAP, and strict adherence to the highest ethical standards is maintained.  You will find our website easy to use-- we believe the simplest website is best.  ASAP is proudly committed to changing the lives of teens and families!

ASAP contracts with all major private health insurance companies, including Aetna, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Cigna, United (Optum), Ambetter (MHN), HealthNet, Humana, Magellan, Beacon, ComPsych, Multiplan, AZ Foundation, Mines and Associates, Meritain, HMC, Value Options, AmeriBen, Coventry/First Health, and many more.  ASAP is also now contracted with several of the AHCCCS Health plans. For more information, call (602) 434-0249.  Some of our contracts include:


Biographical Sketches of the Key Staff 

The ASAP Program was founded by the pioneering work of three psychologists in 1991:  Dr. Phil Lett, Dr. Mark Rohde, and Dr. Curtis Walling.  As of January 1, 2020, Dr.'s Lett and Rohde have retired from ASAP, while Dr. Walling remains as the Clinical Director.  The ASAP Program in 2020 remains proudly true to the original vision of these three men.   Here are the current key staff:

Dr. Curtis Walling.  Curtis Walling, Ph.D. is a 4th-generation native Arizonan, proud to say he was born and raised in Phoenix.    Dr. Walling knows the Phoenix-area communities and the mental health community very well.  He earned his Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology (Phi Beta Kappa) from the University of Florida in 1987.  Dr Walling has worked in private practice as a licensed psychologist since 1987.   He completed an APA-accredited predoctoral internship at the Boston VA Outpatient Clinic, specializing in the treatment of substance use disorders, adolescents, and developmental disorders.  Dr Walling has held past appointments as Director of Psychology at Charter Hospital, Clinical Director at Devereux Arizona, and Director of Outpatient Chemical Dependency at Phoenix St. Luke's Hospital.  Dr Walling currently serves as a Clinical Director of the ASAP Program, he was an original founder of the ASAP Program in 1991 and remains the owner and Chief Executive Officer today in 2020.   Dr. Walling's clinical supervision and many years of clinical expertise helps to establish the core of the ASAP Program.

Dr. Tyler Davis.  Tyler Davis, Psy.D. is a licensed psychologist who currently provides key leadership at all three ASAP Program locations.  Dr. Davis originally came to ASAP to complete his predoctoral internship in 2009.  After earning his Psy.D. degree from the Arizona School of Professional Psychology, in 2012 Dr. Davis accepted the position of ASAP Program Clinical Coordinator.  He earned licensure in Arizona as a psychologist in 2014.  As the current Clinical Director at ASAP, Dr. Davis performs critical assessment, therapy, training, and leadership functions at all three ASAP Program locations.  Dr. Davis conducts the admission assessments to determine eligibility for admission to the ASAP Program.  He also serves as the Lead Therapist conducting the Parent Night group therapy at both the Paradise Valley and Glendale ASAP locations.  You will reach Dr. Davis when you call ASAP at (602) 434-0249.  Dr. Davis's ready availability, and the close partnership he forms with parents and close communication he maintains with parents, is certainly a key to the success of the Program. 

Sue Yoder.   Sue Yoder, LPC, is a Licensed Professional Counselor who has been working with the ASAP Program almost since its inception.  ASAP was launched in 1991, Sue was one of our first interns and we have been blessed to keep her with us ever since she started as an intern in 1993.  Originally the Assessment Coordinator, Sue has held virtually every position and completed virtually every task at ASAP over the years.  Currently Sue conducts all utilization management for ASAP, as well as assisting with financial information with families and health insurance challenges.  She has also been a dynamic part of the team assisting with clinical supervision and program development over the years.  It is fair to say there is nothing about the ASAP Program that Sue does not know.   For the past 8 years, Sue has also provided clinical case management, group therapy, and utilization management at Banner Behavioral Health Hospital  --  she is very familiar with all levels of care.  Sue also has experience in private practice and PHP.   Count on Sue as well as Dr. Walling and Dr. Davis to answer any question about the ASAP Program.

Key staff:  Dr. Walling, Sue Yoder, Dr. Davis

The Group room at the ASAP Glendale site

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